Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Dumpster Delivered Where Garbage Was On Ground

I sent an email to 311 on Sept 13 to take care of the garbage that was dumped on the ground behind one of the houses in my back lane. I specifically requested that the issue be submitted as a complaint regarding the residence dumping garbage on the ground and not in a dumpster. I also requested the issue be directed to the attention of Waste Management and asked if a dumpster could be placed in that location. I said there was a large gap between dumpsters where that residence was located.
My request to have the issue sent to the two different departments was done, and I was given reference numbers for each "ticket" created.
My request to have a dumpster placed behind the residence was also followed through. There is now a dumpster sitting behind the house in question. And the dumpster is now almost full. I think there may have been a need for a dumpster at that very location.
It is moments like this that I feel my words are not in vein. :)

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