Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woken Up At 4:20AM By Yelling From Party House

F#ck you you f#cking sl#t. No f#uck you. Oh ya, f#ck you b#tch. No f#ck you. ....

This is how I woke up this morning. But it was not at the hour I was wanting to wake up.  I woke up at 4:20 AM. The noise was coming from the back yard of the party house. The noise went on for a few hours. At one point during the wee hours the woman began smashing the car in their back yard. It sounded like damage was being done to the car and windows. At least they were damaging their own property during this early morning round of banter.
The noise level was not as high as it was the last time they were partying on Aug 20th. The day they had their kids hauled away temporarily. That's because it is colder outside now. We have all of the windows in our house shut now. But still, the noise from their yelling was loud enough to wake us up. The yelling and swearing was loud enough to travel over two double lots, into our yard and through our closed windows.
Again our neighbourhood had its sleep disturbed by individuals who have no respect for anything or anyone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr Mayor: I Have Enough Police Presence On My Street

To The Current Mayor and All Others Running For The Position:
I think I have enough police presence on my street already. It seems every time I stick my head out the door or look down the street there is a police car. This last week there were several police cars driving down my street. I had the police parked on the street visiting the rooming house two doors down twice this last week. And there were two police cars parked at the end of the street loading people into the back seat of one on Wednesday. We have enough police. Adding more police to the force and increasing the number of 911 operators is not going to fix Winnipegs problems.
The issue seems to be that the police have to keep coming back and revisiting the same issues over and over again. The police have to keep coming out to deal with problem houses day after day after day.
For issues regarding problem houses where we call to complain about noise, fights, threats of violence, breaking glass in the middle of the night, nothing seems to get done in the way of removing the problem. Our problem party house a few doors down had a visit from the police, where Child and Family Services were called. The kids and dog were removed. The next day the tenants were removed. The house was shovelled out a week later at the expense of the landlord, and the tenants moved back in.
The issues at the party house will continue to happen. The neighbourhood will continue to call the police. The police will continue to visit the residence as they can fit it into their schedule with all their other repeat issues that have no resolution. The kids will continue to be removed temporarily. The adults will be put up in some hotel so the house can get shovelled out. And they will get moved back in with new furniture and clothing to start the cycle over again.
The definition of insanity is to repeat the same action over and over again expecting different results. Lets stop the insanity.
Start giving power to the landlords who have the problem tenants so they can evict them for violations. Start punishing the tenants who party all night, break windows, threaten neighbours, and disrupt communities. Stop rewarding these tenants with free cleaning services, vacations in hotels while their residences get shovelled out, and providing new clothing and furniture. Stop punishing the neighbourhood with having to deal with the garbage that gets shovelled out of these houses. Stop punishing the neighbourhood with the huge influx of mice after the houses get shovelled out. Stop punishing the people who just want to live a peaceful life in their homes. And stop using police resources for problem houses filled with tenants who have absolutely no respect for themselves, their neighbours, their neighbourhoods, and their city.
Back before we were a nation, and the First Peoples of this land had their own laws, a problem person was banished. The person learned to live according to the rules of the next group or learned to live outside the group. It is time that people are held accountable for their actions. Stop rewarding bad behaviour.

City By-Laws Office reviewing how to handle illegal garbage dump complaint

As you may remember I sent a complaint in to a few weeks ago. I reported an individual dumping his construction material in the dumpster in my back lane behind my house. I took a photo of the individual, his truck, and his license plate and sent it in with my complaint. The 311 call center people forwarded the complaint to the City By-Law office and provided a ticket number to me so I could track the ticket. I mentioned in the complaint that I would like to be informed on the progress with the ticket.
A few days later (Aug 26) I received a call from the City By-Laws office telling me that they could not proceed with my complaint. It turns out that they can not investigate license numbers. They have no access to the MPI database to find out who the registered owner of the vehicle is, so the person responsible for dumping the garbage can be dealt with. I was told that I should try to ask for identification of the individual who is doing the dumping so the By-Laws office could deal with the complaints.
I did mention that I did not feel safe in asking for identification, especially because I was in a back lane with an individual who was comitting an illegal act. The person at the By-Law office also told me not to put myself in harms way, but was stressing the fact that they did not have the ability to go further in the investigation because of privacy laws that were in place. Their office does not have access to the information needed to perform their jobs. I was told I could contact the supervisor of the By-Laws office regarding this matter, and was provided his name and phone number.
I called the supervisor, Kevin Seaford, and asked why my issue was not being taken care of. Again I was told that because of the privacy act, their office did not have access to the MPI database that would allow them to continue their investigation on this illegal dumping of garbage. The Mr. Seaford was aware that the illegal dumping of garbage in the North End is a huge problem. He has tried to go up the ladder in City Hall to get this issue of no access to information addresses. He has not been successful in gaining access to information needed to proceed with these sorts of investigations.
Mayor Sam Katz called me the day after I talked with Kevin Seaford. I sent him a link to my blog regarding the City By-Law office not being able to take care of my issue. He wanted to tell me he was working on a plan to make my neighbourhood safe. While he was on the phone I asked him what he was going to do about the City By-Law Office inability to get needed information, and told him about my issue. He said he would take care of my issue personally.
Well, I called 311 last Friday to check on my ticket number. That was a week after the Mayor promised to take care of my issue. I was told the 311 people have no information regarding it, and I would need to contact the City By-Law office personally, as that is the department they forwarded the issue to. I call the City By-Law office on Monday to check if anything was being done regarding the issue and my ticket specifically. I was told there was some discussion taking place regarding the procedures but the person had no information at that time. I talked with the person this morning and was told that the issue is currently in process. I was told the office is "reviewing how to handle" the issue of not being able to get needed information.
I guess that is a start. I know these things take time. I only hope some good will come of this.
I will be contacting the mayors office to see what they are doing, and keep you posted.