Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Decline And Fall Of Civilization

This blog post is not based on facts. It will not quote international studies of the great civilizations that have existed over time. It will not tell how specific actions resulted in specific outcomes. This is just a blog post talking about how I am feeling right now, today, on my street in the North End of Winnipeg.
I look out my door, and down my street, and see actions that make me shake my head. I cannot understand how the City of Winnipeg can allow these actions to continue. It confuses me to the point of exhaustion on how these things continue day in and day out.
Then I read in the newspaper how minimum sentences might be unjust to certain members of our society. They might be unjust because their relatives had to go to a residential school. And they might be unjust because so many of these particular people are already in prison. Then in another article I read that two youths were given minimum sentences for crimes committed. They were each given seven years. But they were not given the seven years in the way I would think. They were given three and four years in prison, and four and three years supervised probation, or some such thing. That does not seem like seven year sentences to me.
Well, not unless you consider the North End of Winnipeg to be an extention of the prision system. And the more I think about it, that is just what the North End is. It is a huge half way house. It is filled with criminals, probation recipients, and those with convictions listing longer than the average persons arms.
The North End is filled with people committing crimes too frequently to be arrested for them. And it is filled with criminal activity that does not have the evidence to arrest or convict. So really, if the North End is an extention of the prison system, then these people are already serving time. They are serving time in the North End Walls-Free Probation Housing Project (NEWFPHP).
The North End criminals are protected from justice, thanks to our Canadian Laws of freedom and democracy. Its law abiding citizens are refused safety based on the human rights of those committing crimes.
This, in my humble opinion is the beginning of the end of this country we call Canada. This country that holds such high ideals of Freedom, Human Rights, Protection of the Weak is in rapid decline. This Peace Keeping country is not keeping the peace at home. At least, not at my home.
This is the beginning of the end of civilization on my street, in the North End of Winnipeg, in the country that is currently called Canada. This country that is soon to be taken over by the criminals it is protecting. Or maybe, I will wake up from this nightmare, and find the Country I once knew as a child. But I am not holding my breath.
When will the Peace Keepers start keeping the peace in the North End of Winnipeg? And when will the laws start protecting the victims over the criminals? That's what I want to know. When?


  1. Instead of using the word Halfway House why don't you use the word Reserve. And instead of North End just use the word Aboriginal or Indian

  2. are you for real?! i am disgusted with the perspectives presented in this blog. i am ashamed that someone has such a negative view. what are YOU doing about these problems your so great at pointing out? you may think its fine and good that in your blog you can spew such ignorance, not based on fact, but i do not. i am offended and ashamed. you call your blog a day in the hood but you dont know shit about struggling. 'forget' you and your ignorance. i hope your racist attitude gets you exactly what you deserve from this 'hood'

    1. Acutally she has done alot and I used to live on Bannatyne near Isabel, no longer I am in a safe neighborhood now, out in the country far away from this stupid city! I could not go to the corner store without being asked for a cigarette, money etc I was even robbed of my chicken from chicken delight!!! The sirens are constant, I would wake up to guns being shot in my backlane, or the police helicopter keeping me up at night because they were always flying around, its a disgusting, sad neighborhood filled with aboriginal people ( am am Metis) who let their children do what they want as long as they had their booze and drugs to pass the time, Iam so happy since I moved away, too bad I have to commute to the city to work...this city looks like shit and especially since Katz has been in, things have gone right down!

  3. I agree a little with this guy above me. Any reasonable person would say that you can't charge a person with a crime without any evidence, native or not. with no willing witnesses there is usually no way for charges to be filed, even if all the neighbors know who did it. People are scared and they have every right to be. This all stems from the issue of short-terms in prison for violent offenders, and the soft on crime NDP policies. I get it there are other ways to help people Blah Blah Blah, but if you commit a crime you should go to jail for a long time. I agree that race issues have a small amount to do with it but its the cycle of poverty and low income housing that have turned the North End into a gumbo of crime.

  4. I'm not sure you can call someone exasperated with the current situation a "racist" when our justice system lets people off scot-free (for all intents and practical purposes) based on their race.

    I've yet to hear a rational, credible justification for doing this. In fact, it victimizes aboriginal people in a lot more insidious way by treating them like porcelain dolls, unable to hack it in the real world like the rest of us.
    That's ridiculous and insulting, but it is the basis of our government's approach to the entire issue.

    And we wonder why neighbourhoods burn...

  5. My God. Get the Hell out of that neighbourhood. It is going to kill you.

  6. @ the first Anonymous post (12:38 pm): "you may think its fine and good that in your blog you can spew such ignorance, not based on fact..." First of all, read the first paragraph--it SAYS 'not based on fact. Second, I'd like to hear what kind of days you have here in the 'hood; do you leave your bike in the front yard while you go inside for lunch? Do you leave your door unlocked when you go for a walk around the block? Do you let your young children play outside without worrying about a gang member or intoxicated person strolling by? Do you not pull your children a little closer to you when you walk by a group of kids wearing certain coloured bandanas (Native or white kids--there are both). Have you ever had someone offer you crack at 8 am on a Saturday? Cleared your yard of empty beer & and used condoms? If none of this applies to you , I want to move to your block! As for struggling, I bust my hump working full-time and barely get by as a parent but I don't buy beer and cigarettes before I buy groceries then ask my neighbour for food to feed my kids (THAT, Anonymous, is MY fact). This writer lives here and everthing I've read that they've written describes life here to a T. You should look at your own ignorance before spouting off about others.

  7. I met the Author and her husband at a neighbourhood safety meeting in the early spring - the word "demographics" was tossed into the mix, it was clear what demographics they were talking about, I know the message underneath the carefully crafted words I've been the only Aboriginal person in the room I politely informed the group I was insane for buying a house in the neighbourhood whereas I could have purchased a condo in the village. I also informed them I was a taxpayer, my daughter is a taxpayer - my grand-daughter will be a taxpayer - we contribute to the economy - we work - we are not a burden on society. I moved to the northend out of choice, I bought a beautiful house, low taxes and great neighbours - yes there are rooming houses down the street and three across the street. I do watch the steady stream of individuals - Aboriginal, African Canadians and Caucasians wandering in and out of these houses - I have an alarm system and a dog - the only reason why I would move is the constant slit eye - you know that cold look you get when waiting in line at the neighbourhood safeway - the individuals who do the once or sometimes twice over, which often leaves me checking my clothing for a open button or some other wardrobe malfunction. The rude questions by complete strangers. The double head turn when I climb into my car - I am middle class - I am married - I have an married adult daughter with two children and a great husband - she lives in a nice neighbourhood and was horrified when she was told her parents had found a gem in the northend - She was afraid for our safety and of course she was afraid of the racism. I recognize the dysfunctions - the violence and the disregard for personal property - the constaint fear - yes - I see it in the eyes of the people I pass when I am walking my dog - I envision them holding their purses closer as if I'm suddenly going to reach out snatch and run yep this middle aged grandma is a potiential violent offender and my beautiful dog a cover for covertly watching the houses for a moment when they maybe empty and I can add to my collection of useless vases. Sell your house - move - get out of the neighbourhood if it is affecting your well-being it's the only advice I have for you. As for me, I'm staying - I've been practicing my lunges to see what would happen if I made a sudden move instead of giving a wide detour when I walk my dog down the street and I have been honing my phity wit for the slit eyed ones- who clearly don't understand leggings are not a right, but a privilege. - I recognize there are decent hardworking people of all racial backgrounds in the northend and then there are those who paint a whole group of people with a racist brush.

  8. This post stinks of the same colonial attitudes that resulted in our current situation.

    I find it ridiculous that in this day and age people still believe locking youths up is the best way to turn them into functioning members of society. You put these kids who are committing minor offenses in their and they come out hardened criminals for life.

  9. Wow, are we all frustrated or what? I live in the north end and love it but I know what everybody above is talking about.

    Is it race? Well, sometimes it looks that way. You bitch about the natives next door and the parties and the drinking. They move out and you say "Good Riddence" Then the white family move all night and make a lot of noise. Oh, well, there goes the race thing. Now you are stuck with noisy white trash next door! So...race doesn't cut it.

    Alcohol, however, has a lot to do with our problems. There is a lot of alcoholism in this area. It causes violence, child abuse and crime. What causes the alcoholism? Pain, lots of pain.

    I know, we get frustated and angry with people in this area who can't or won't cope. It would be good to remember that there is a lot of pain out there and a little patience wouldn't hurt.

    I know this is easy to say and sometimes it just wears you down.

    The racism is also worrisome. A few weeks ago an aboriginal man was teetering on my corner, looked like he was drunk. A lot of people walked by him and just left him. I had watched him from my window and something didn't seem right. I went out and talked to him and he was having a reaction to medication. He wasn't drunk. Called 911 for him.

    People, just take it a day at a time...

    For the johns who cruise my neighbourhood and look at all the women as if we were whores, I have a new camera and can zoom in on your licence plate. I don't know why, but the longer I live here the more I truly hate these guys. There is something so nasty about looking for a crack addicted girl to get your rocks off. I am waiting for you with my trusty camera and my big stick.

    See you in the north end, I am the one holding my third finger up at you and looking you in the eye.

  10. I remember going to a meeting in the Spring at the St Johns High School. The meeting was about Crime in the North End.
    My husband made a comment. (note, my husband made a comment). He said something similar to "isn't the crime in the North End mostly regarding a specific demographic". The reply was that the crime was really about poverty.
    We are so afraid to say words, and so quick to judge, that we will all be judged as racists far too quickly, and nothing will ever change.
    I have an Aboriginal name, I have attended ceremonies, and I have a great respect for Aboriginal culture. But, I personally do not care for gangs, drug dealers, or any people who needlessly harm others for something as insignificant as a cigarette, regardless of their race or color. Oh, and I don't glare or slit my eyes when looking at other people.
    My blog has discussed many issues I have had on my street. I do not mention race or color because the issues have nothing to do with race or color, and the issues are in reference to more than one race and color. We do have variety in crimes committed, just like we have variety in people living in the North End.
    This blog post is about my disgust in the current legal system. The reference to certain groups is in reference to desires to adjust minimum sentences to show preference to specific groups. If a person, regardless of color or race, does a crime, they should do equal time. It also references minimum sentences that the courts have already decided on (not race specific at all), and my surprise in how the sentences can be split between time behind bars and time in the community.

  11. The comment was "we should be speaking about a particular demographic." Which opened the door to further comments regarding the number of programs only avalible to Aboriginal groups and the obvious frustration of those present. The thinly veiled comments were discussed with me after the meeting three individuals apologized outside of St. John's High School for the obvious intent of the comments. During the meeting Winnipeg North MP Kevin Lamoureux eyes met mine a number of times and my employer was also present and we also discussed the comments after the I am not the only one who knew what the intent was behind the thinly veiled comments.

  12. Seems there are a lot of "Anonymous" people who take issue with someone willing to say what many people think. While there are good and bad in all races, the North End continues to worsen... and if we looked solely at DEMOGRAPHICS, we come to some obvious conclusions. The QUESTION is, how do ALL upright, law abiding, mutually respectful citizens STOP the mayhem, regardless of what demographic, or racially profiled group the troubles stem from? I live next door to a church that caters to a specific racial group. I have a good rapport with the people who work there and we look out for each other, talk about the community,chit chat politely, but some of the people who visit there... let's just say they don't help the "stereo type" by urinating on my lawn or against my house after having too much beer before having too much coffee at the wake. Notice how I didn't pin point any group. Am I "dancing around the issue"? Am I a racist, or do I just NOT like people urinating against my house?

  13. At the meeting in question when my husband requested to speak about that all too racist "particular demographic", the topic had been how to deal with skateboarders and squeegie kids in Osborne Village.
    So, I am thinking, in order to remain politically correct, one cannot even talk about the type of crime happening in your area. At a meeting in the North End, set up to discuss crime, we discussed Osborne Village squeegie kids and skateboarders. How on earth is that arming us with information on how to deal with stabbings, shootings, and physical assaults?

  14. I think using demographics is a sly way of expressing racist opinions. You simply discard the "demographic" information that doesn't support what you are saying. The North End has probably more than a fair share of old housing stock and rental properties on the low end of the price scale. Many people in the North End are poor. Low income, refugees, immigrants from rural areas, multi-generational city dwellers from the lowest economic classes. There are those who try to live right and keep their home safe and clean and raise their families with values in keeping with main stream society. But there are people who are broken and because they are poor they can't hide as well as those who are not poor. Rich folks commit horrific crimes and get away with them simply because they can afford the right legal team to make the problem go away. Poor people don't have that luxury and they end up in the news. Now that would be interesting - what is the conviction rate for the wealthy vs those under the poverty line? Addicts trying to get their fixes will do whatever it takes to get that fix. Speak to anyone who is in recovery through AA or NA.

    I have read that arson committed by children can be a sign of abuse in the home. I don't believe people are bad or want to be bad. They want to be happy and loved and cared about like the rest of us do. So if you get beat up at home and looked at with suspicion by every other adult you meet it's hard to see why you would not succumb to the lure of gang life. I believe people need to be given some sort of hope that they can move forward and that there is something positive beyond their current despair. It's not the kind of thing that can be fixed overnight or by sending people to the remand center or jails. People need to feel that they are worthwhile, valuable and wanted; not an eyesore or nuisance to be swept out of the way.

  15. sick and racist! I have read other stories and I am deeply saddened to hear the racism and total disdain in your hearts for other races. Espeically the First Nations, and your remark about residential schools, a thing you know nothing about and you comment on it as though it was nothing! Do you agree with priests sexually harassing and raping young children as young as 5 years old, do you agree with taking children away from families (all because they were different and not catholic)? do you agree with genocide? Have you ever heard your MOM tell you a story of how she was raped, beaten, starved, and taken from her home at age 5 and not returned till she was 16? IF you can tell me that you wouldnt feel, hurt, lost, alone, anger, betrayl, abandoned, seperated, violated, hopeless, ashamed, if it happened to your Dad or your Mom or both...then comment all you like about the Aboriginals. But if you havent experienced it or even have the heart to have compassion, then shut UP!