Thursday, September 16, 2010

Comment: "nothing happened until they murdered someone on our front street"

I received a comment on a post I did on Sunday Sept 12 entitled I Call The Police This Morning For Advise On The Party Duplex . This post was regarding a problem house on my block. The neighbourhood has been calling the police all summer regarding problems with drinking and loud shouting matches all night long. The By-Law Officers have been called regarding large amounts of garbage in the yard. The tenants were temporarily removed at the end of August. The house was cleaned out. And the tenants moved back in. Now the partying has started again. When I called the police I was told to just keep calling when there are isues and eventually the landlord will get tired of dealing with the issue and evict the tenants.
The comment I received reads as follows:
It has to get very bad before the police will actually do anything, i called the police, landlord and eventually the real estate agent on the sign at the property that was the source of hell beside my home, nothing happened until they murdered someone on our front street.
I hope it never gets that bad for you and your neighbors.
There needs to be a change to the Residential Tenancy Act. There needs to be a change to the Neighbourhood Liveability By-Law. The problem houses need to be dealt with long before a murder occurs in someones front yard.

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  1. There needs to be change inside these homes. How do we begin to understand the chaos going on within the individuals (which flows into the households...and backlanes)? Can we find a long-lasting solution without looking at the root of the problem? Acts and by-laws...they are needed...and I think we need to get deeper, too.