Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fruit Share Winnipeg, What A Great Idea

If you have been reading my blog you are aware that I have wasps in my yard. I have a large amount of wasps in my yard. This is from the garbage in the back lanes and from an apple tree a few houses down from me. The apple tree is full of over ripe fruit, and it is falling on the ground and rotting. The apples in the tree are full of wasps and the apples on the ground are absolutely over run with wasps.
I did my civic duty and informed 311 about the issue. They, in turn, referred the issue to the City By-Law Office. But I still have rotting apples on my street, causing odor, wasps, and I am sure rodents.
My husband spoke with the property manager a few weeks ago, when he was shoveling out the suite for the residents. It seems it got too dirty, so the residents were temporarily removed, and house cleaning was performed. I digressed, sorry. The property manager said he did not care if we picked the apples. So, I went into the yard with a ladder and pail. I thought I would solve the problem and pick the remaining apples that were on the tree. I thought I could be a good neighbour and distribute the proceeds to everyone on the block. I began picking and was soon bitten by one of the wasps in the tree. My husband managed to pick half a pail of apples before we were driven out of the yard by the wasps.
In an earlier post I was suggesting that maybe the City By-Law Officers could collect the addresses of these problem trees and have them picked. The fruit could be donated to worthy causes, such as Winnipeg Harvest, soup kitchens, church groups who could bake with them, etc.
Then I was watching Breakfast TV this morning on Channel 5. There was a person on the show talking about a new group in town. They are Fruit Share Winnipeg. They have a blog at
http://fruitsharewinnipeg.blogspot.com/ and are currently working in a few areas of town only. But it is a start. If you have a tree that you would like to get picked, register it on their site. If you want to help picking, register on their site. What a great idea. Did I say that already? Who cares, I will say it again, what a great idea.
Now, what if that organization could get a list of problem trees? What if they could take care of these problem issues and turn them into a great day of picking apples?
What a great idea.

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