Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Vehicle Was Found At Second Crime Scene

The police just called to tell me they found my minivan. It was abandoned at the second crime scene tonight. Apparently the minivan was stolen and involved in two crimes today.
Yah Police!!
Now I have to contact MPI and do the paper work with them. The van will be going in for finger printing, then get sent to the MPI compound. Once it is there I will be able to have it towed to an autobody shop to have the steering column repaired. Apparently that is the only damage to the vehicle. I am quite familiar with the process I have to go through when a vehicle is stolen. This will be the fourth time in the last few years that I have gone through this process.

1. call police and report vehicle stolen, and get incident number
2. call MPI and report vehicle stolen and give them the incident number
3. wait 48 hours from the time vehicle is stolen and rent a car
4. wait until the vehicle is located and sent to MPI lot and have it towed to the autobody shop of your choice for repairs
5. wait 30 days while the autobody shop takes their time in completing repairs to vehicle
6. get vehicle back, and hope the vehicle still runs the way it did the last time you had it.

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