Sunday, September 12, 2010

If You See My Stolen Van Let Me Know

My husband and I went to the Car Show at Garden City Shopping Center earlier today. When we were finished, we went back to the parking lot in front of Canadian Tire, where we left our red minivan. It was parked about 8 cars from Leila, in line with the entrance to the Canadian Tire. It wasn't there. We checked the parking lot for half an hour. We looked through the parking lot over and over again, wondering why we were not able to find the minivan.
Then we went into the Canadian Tire to see if they decided to tow cars off their lot. They were not towing vehicles. The customer service person called the mall security to see if they were doing any car towing, and we were told they were not towing cars either.
The mall security guard came and took a report from us, and we left, without our car. We took a bus home. All the time we were wondering if maybe we just couldn't find our vehicle and it was lost in the mass of vehicles parked in the lot.
When we got home, I called the police and reported my minivan as missing. I told them we parked the vehicle at 12:30 and it was not there when we were trying to leave at 2:10pm. I still was not sure if we were just not able to find the vehicle in the lot.
Then the phone rang, and it was the police calling. They wanted to know where my vehicle was. I said I was not sure, and explained that we were not able to find it. I said I had reported it stolen about an hour earlier. Well, apparently it had been used in a crime. So now I know there was a valid reason why we were not able to find our minivan. The police have not located the vehicle yet, but did get the license plate on the vehicle used in a crime.
If anyone sees my minivan, can you call the police 986-6222 and let them know where it is please.
It is a red 1995 Chevy Lumini Minivan, license FJA 667.

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  1. Tomorrow I am going to do a special feature during the 5 PM crime report entitled "A Weekend in the Hood".