Thursday, June 2, 2011

White Truck Just Dumped Lumber In My Dumpster

A white truck, extended cab, just dumped some lumber in my dumpster. He got away before I could get a picture of him, but I got a photo of the truck, and my husband got his license number.
Time: 9:45pm, Date: June 2, 2011.
I will be sending this information to the By-Laws department.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party At Forks Or Dump Garbage In Hood ... Coin Toss

I guess they tossed a coin and decided to dump their garbage in the North End.

After listening to the press release for the Winnipeg Jets returning home, my husband and I took a walk down the lane to check on the status of our lane. We walked about half a block before seeing a truck, off in the distance, two streets down. Too far to get a good picture, but close enough to see a person in a white shirt emptying  items from the back of a truck. Then the truck drove to the next dumpster, and more items got unloaded.
Once he emptied the truck of unwanted materials, he jumped in to the cab, and was on his way.
I was just commenting yesterday that the lanes seemed cleaner these days. Now I am wondering if the illegal dumpers just know to avoid my lane and the ones close to me.
I see improvements happening in my area. Houses are getting new roofs, and fences are being constructed. I like to see the houses being fixed. It's a good sign. It means people care about their surroundings, and have pride in their homes. And the fences being erected cut down on those escape routes that the criminals are taking, so I like to see the fences being built.

There is even improvement in the yard that was so jam packed with piles of items. The yard is slowly being cleared of its collections. Now we just need to see the house either fixed or torn down. The back of this particular house is caving in, and has a tree growing on the roof. I am actually having trouble seeing the tree now. Hope it isn't sinking. Not sure which will win this fight, the roof or the tree. I guess time will tell.
And time will tell who wins the war on trash in the North End. The dumpsters will be gone soon. Lets hope illegal dumping leaves as well.