Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Guy Covered His License Plate With Cardboard

My husband went into the back alley just now. He was taking the garbage out. You know, to the dumpster. The one that is meant for us, and just a few of our closest neighbours.
As he was approaching the dumpster, there was a guy in some 'piece of shit' half ton dumping wood in our dumpster. Then he went to the next dumpster, and the next.
My husband was good enough to let the fellow know that it was illegal to dump the wood in our dumpsters. Well, the guy didn't care. He did say "at least I am spreading it out", as he filled several dumpsters with his unwanted wood. When my husband approached the truck to get the license number, he found it was covered with cardboard. That's a sign that the fellow knew damned well that it was illegal for him to be dumping in our lane.
Same old story, day after day. People come and dump their unwanted materials in our lanes.
And will these people change their habits and drive to the dump when we get the smaller carts, or will they continue to cover their license plates with cardboard and dump in our lanes. Only time will tell. But either way, the City turns a blind eye to it.
It's just the North End.
Does this guy not realize that he is adding to the many problems facing this area, and the rest of Winnipeg.
Hey guy with cardboard on your license plate, the ripple effect of treating our area like a dumping ground is that people grow up not caring about their surroundings. They become Youth who spray graffiti, rob stores, stab and shoot people. The next time you read the newspaper, and come across an article about one of these Youth crimes, know that you helped the process along.
It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes one idiot with a truck full of garbage to ruin it.


  1. Wonder what he's gonna do once all the autobins are gone.

  2. we have the same problem in the weston area with our dumpsters being filled with building materials. When I called ol 311 I got the usual "we will have a supervisor look into it in about 7 to 14 business days. Dumpsters get emptied once a week so fat chance it will ever stop. I look forward to the new smaller units. At least then hopefully with a licence plate and description we can get the losers charged with illegal dumping. Maybe

  3. Yes we are wondering what will happen when the autobins are phased out in the fall. I have had calls or emails to the Powerline about bags sof garbage being left beside upright bins, outside our area. They are not collected unless the homeowner/renter pays for taking it away, Some stuff hung around for over a month and more started to arrive, so I explained to 311 what was happening on two different occasions almost a monthe apart and they have agreed to pick the bags up.

  4. It is ilegal to drive with a covered licence plate. You have every right to call the cops on him. Describe the truck and give a location and the fact that his licence plate is intentionally covered. They won't do anything about dumping but they might come looking for the truck as they could actually write him a ticket that brings in revenue for the city. We all know how much they love to do that!

  5. Better than a description, a photo or video of man, truck, covered license and dumping.

    Even if the police decline to investigate, there is always YouTube.