Sunday, October 3, 2010

Was It Something I Said ??

The property manager for the Party House showed up earlier today. He put a couch in his truck and then left. It was hard to say exactly what was going on, and why he was at the house removing a couch.
But later in the day I noticed there was a pile of furniture at the back of the Party House next to the lane.

And one of the dumpsters in the back lane was full of broken furniture and baby strollers.

Do you think it was something I said?
The property manager showed up again, and said he would be coming back later in the day, or tomorrow, to pick up the furniture and mattresses that were stacked at the back of the lot of the party house.
I guess the people who were causing all the problems at that house have left again. And I guess all the furniture and mattresses that were just given to them from CFS are being thrown out again.
I had a look at the items that were stacked at the back of the lot. These are items that have only been in the house for a month. They would have been the replacement furniture and mattresses after the Party House got shovelled out last month. And they were all full of mouse droppings.

I am expecting another influx of mice in my house tonight. Better put the mouse snacks out.
Oh, my husband just told me he replenished the mouse buffet, so we are open for business.

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  1. Perhaps you should get a cat? i.e. an indoor cat. I have 2 cats who never go outside as they were trained not to from the time they were kittens. Lately they have been gazing intently at the air intake vent and furnace vents, waiting for something to come out. The last time this happened they caught a mouse! Of course you have to like cats and be willing to accept responsibility for their care, of course. Good luck! I enjoy your blog