Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting Contact Information For Landlords On My Street

After getting a response from the office of the Honorable Gord Macintosh letting me know that I do have rights as a neighbour of a problem house, I thought I would get contact information for the landlords of problem houses on my street.
And especially after reading an article in the Free Press today by Gabriella Giroday entitled "Authorities find new ways to close problem properties", I got all motivated and fired off an email.
I sent an email to the Residential Tenancies Branch at I gave a brief description of the issues that have been occuring at specific locations and asked if I could get the contact information on the landords. I sent the email at 12:19pm today and had an answer by 12:36pm.
The Residential Tenancies Branch provided me the name and phone number of the landlord for one of the houses, after checking with the landlord of course. I was very pleased with the information and proceeded to call the landlord and inform them of the incident that took place with their tenant. They were thankful for my information and said they would send a letter out to the tenants right away regarding the complaint. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of that. And I entered that information in a log I started on their property.
The second residence which I complained about did not go in the same direction. I was told by the Residential Tenancies Branch that they do not have a listing for that address and I would have to contact the Land Titles people to get the information. Doesn't a search cost money? Well, I am not ready to spend money on a search just yet. So I sent an email to 311 to ask them about the property, again explaining that there have been problems at the residence and I would like the contact information for the landlord so I can contact them. I sent that email at 1:41pm today and received my response at 1:50pm. Again, I was given a very quick response. And again I was told to go to the Land Title office.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email. You may find out this information by requesting the title of the home through Manitoba Land Titles. There is a $10 charge and this document will show the registered owner of the home. Manitoba Land Titles is located at 276 Portage Avenue.

Thank you for contacting Winnipeg 311.

311 wasn't much help. I will have to stop the property manager the next time I see him and ask for contact information. We need a better system, though, to get information on these landlords that are allowing their tenants to cause such problems for the neighbourhood. And why would the Residential Tenancies Branch not have information on landlords? Or how do they get information on landlords? Or should they have information on landlords?
As I was typing this blog entry the property manager for said residence showed up to do some work on the house. I sent my husband out to ask for his contact information and got it. Great, thats one more house on my street where I can call the landlord directly and let them know what is going on. I will still be calling the police to log the complaint and get an incident number. But now I can also call the landlord and ensure they are aware of the issues at their rental property.


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