Friday, October 8, 2010

Party Duplex Must Be On Double Secret Probation

The main floor of the Party Duplex got cleaned out again last weekend. But the occupants of the upstairs are still residing there. The Party Duplex has been pretty quiet the last few weeks, which is good. But yesterday, around 6pm we witnessed some beer bottles being thrown out of the upstairs window at the back of the house. They were being hurled into the back lane and breaking on contact. My husband was taking the garbage out at the time and just about got hit by one of the beer bottles as it flew through the air.
Then a short while later, we were in the back lane talking to one of the other neighbours. We could see from where we were that it was the four year old that was tossing the beer bottles. Was he making a statement on what he thought about the beer in the house? Or was he just trying to entertain himself in some fashion? I don't have an answer on that.
What happened next, though, was amazing. The mother, who saw the audience of neighbours, started yelling at the boy to stop throwing the beer bottles. And the same mother began cleaning up the mess her son made. She picked up all of the broken beer bottles and put them in the dumpster.
This is the same mother that we encountered a month ago when her son was throwing rotten apples down the lane. This is the same mother that told us her son could do anything he wanted because "it's just the North End".
I think someone has been put on probation, maybe double secret probation. I see a change in attitude from this young mother. Lets hope she keeps it up.
The home team scores another point !!!

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