Monday, September 20, 2010

What Happens To A Recycling Box That Is No Longer Wanted?

What do you suppose happens to a recycling box that is no longer wanted. I know. It goes into the dumpster in my back lane. There were five recycling boxes and part of a table in one dumpster. The next dumpster had the remainder of the table, a chair, and a small trampoline. Then the next dumpster had a large childrens play castle and some sealed cardboard boxes marked garbage. The next dumpster had several garbage bags. The next dumpster had some lamps .....

This was all garbage that was deposited last night from the late night menace in my back lane. I don't know who they were. I do not have a description of the truck or the license plate. It wouldn't really do me any good anyway, since the City By-Law office does not have the ability to investigate these issues when a vehicle license number is provided.
All I have is an address that was written on one of the recycling boxes. And I cannot prove who put it there.

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