Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Action At The Party House, But Different Than The Usual

There was action at the party house again tonight. But it was not the usual noisy party at all hour of the night. This time the action was around 8:30pm. It came in the way of an ambulance. There was a police car at the scene, and the usual supervisor car for the ambulance. A couple of women and a few kids were walked into the ambulance. The stretcher was not used to transport anyone. The police did not stick around until the ambulance was ready to leave. The supervisor vehicle left as well.
Maybe one of the women or kids needed medical attention. Maybe they needed a ride to the Health Sciences Center area. I just hope the kids are alright. They are the innocents in all of this. One of the kids was quite upset about having to go into the ambulance and was heard yelling "I don't want to go". I could hear him crying in the ambulance.
A few cars had to turn around on the street and go back the way they came. They could not get past the ambulance on the street. One resident was on their way out, and had to turn the car around to leave. An ambulance on the street is not that unusual. We have had our share.
If the ambulance was called as a glorified taxi ride, it is adding to the shortage of ambulances we have in the city. And it may be keeping an ambulance from attending a real emergency.
It's just another day in the hood.
And in the distance is another siren.

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