Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mayor Has Not Answered My E-Mail

I sent an email to the mayor on Sept 10-10. I wanted to know what he was doing regarding his promise to take care of the issue I had with the City By-Law Office. It seems they are not able to find the person who illegally dumped items in my dumpster. Although I provided a photo including the person, their vehicle, and the license plate number, the City By-Law Office cannot research the license plate number. I was told they do not have access to the MPI database to find out who the person is.
Well, the Mayor, when he called me, said he would look into this personally. He said it is a shame that a citizen would take the time to report a crime and nothing is getting done about it. I guess the Mayor is just another person who is not doing anything about the illegal dumping of garbage in the dumpster in my back lane. I know it is just garbage. But what it really is, is the City By-Law office having By-Laws that cannot be enforced. And that, citizens of Winnipeg, should not be ignored.

Here is the letter I sent the Mayor, that is being ignored:
I would like to know the status of my issue sent to the City By-Law office regarding illegal dumping of garbage in the dumpster in my back lane. The mayor called me regarding this issue and said he would take care of it personally. I would like an update on what is being done with the issue, ticket number 405412 reported Aug 20. I was advised on Aug 26 that City By-Laws had no access to vehicle license information to process the ticket. On Aug 27 the mayor said he would take care of this issue for me.
Please advise.

I still want an answer on what is being done with the issue I reported. I am prepared to go to court and testify against the person who thought he had every right to dump his garbage in my dumpster. I do not consider my back lane a garbage dump that the rest of the city can use to deposit items they no longer want. As a citizen of this city, I demand something be done about this. And as a citizen of this city, I would think a promise the Mayor made to me would be kept.


  1. Maybe the Police could do something? I know this is a long shot, but could they prove that the person contravened the Highway Traffic Act?
    Effect of order

    216(3) Subsection (2) does not operate to relieve the owner of a motor vehicle of any liability under subsection (1).

    No depositing of rubbish or other injurious matter on highways

    217(1) No person shall drop, throw, or deposit on a highway, whether from a vehicle or otherwise, or knowingly leave on a highway

    (a) any glass bottles, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, scraps of metal, or any other substance or thing that may be injurious to a person, animal, or vehicle; or

    (b) any tobacco ashes, burning match, lighted cigar or cigarette, or other burning substance; or

    (c) without restricting or being restricted by clause (a) or (b), any ashes, garbage, or other refuse, trash, or litter.

    Removal of injurious material

    217(2) A person who drops, throws, or deposits upon a highway any substance or thing likely to injure a person, animal, or vehicle shall immediately remove it or cause it to be removed.

    I know... what are the chances they'd even call back? They DO enforce the Act, jsut the areas that are "cherry picking" and make the Province $

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  2. The illegal dumping of items in the dumpsters is an issue that the By-Laws Office investigates. The issue is that they do not have access to tools they require to do their jobs. The mayor told me he would look into this and personally see that my issue is addresses.
    The mayor has failed to reply to my inquiry on what he is doing for me regarding his promise to ensure my issue is addressed.