Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chasing The Late Night Garbage Menace

I heard a vehicle in the back lane a little while ago. I got up and checked out the window. Sure enough there was someone stopped at the dumpster. I could hear them throwing stuff into the dumpster behind the house. My husband and I got our shoes on, I grabbed the camera, and we ran out of the house.
The truck had finished putting stuff in our dumpster and went down the lane to the next dumpster. They were filling the next dumpster with suff from their truck.
We ran down the lane to get closer to the truck. We heard the guy in the back of the truck yelling at the person driving as he was banging on the top of the truck cab. "Hit it, Go, Go" as the truck went to the next dumpster down the lane. "It's Full, Hit It, Go, Go". We tried to catch up with the truck. They drove to the next dumpster. "Go, Go, Hit It". They kept going down the lane. I managed to get one picture of the truck, but it was too far away, and it was already dark outside. They stopped at the end of our lane, and deposited more garbage in another dumpster. Then they proceeded down the next lane. We could hear them all the way down the lane. "Go, Go, Hit It" and "It's Full, Go, Go" as they made it down the back lane of the next block.
As we made it back to our yard we waved at the Police who were casually driving down our lane.

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