Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Many Police Cars Does It Take To Collect One Boy Or Man?

How many police cars does it take to collect one boy or man? Well, on my street it takes three.
If I were them, I would be careful going into these houses too. The person looked young. Wanna bet he is a youth? Wanna bet he will be home for supper?
Didn't I just tell someone that my street isn't that bad? Wasn't I just looking down my street at the various houses thinking most of them are owned by people living on my street? Wasn't I just saying we really only have three bad houses?
I think I need to do a re-count on how many houses I believe are good houses. How about I say that most of the houses on my part of my block are good. Ya, that might be more like it. How about this ... There are really only five possible bad houses on my part of the street. You know, the houses I can see from my front window. Ya, thats more like it. I think the other eleven are good houses. That doesn't sound so good any more. I think a third of the houses I can see are a little suspect.
But still, we don't have issues with machettes on our street. There are prostitutes, but they are quiet. Except if you have one working outside your bedroom window. Just a little something I heard from a bird.
Ya, our street isn't that bad, really.

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