Monday, July 11, 2011

When Is Criminal Behaviour Not Criminal Behavior?

Well, I am sorry to say, I am not over this issue yet.
We had a bit of an incident yesterday, with an intoxicated individual busting through the neighbours hedge and attempting to open a window with his keys. This was followed by the Police advising me that no crime was committed. And the landlord wanted to know what I expected her to do about it.
Let me re-word this.
What if this happened in Charleswood?

What if an extremely intoxicated individual was seen breaking his way through a thick hedge in your neighbours property? What if you heard him snapping branches and struggling to get through the hedge? What if he made his way into the neighbours yard?
Answer: vandalism, public intoxication, trespassing

What if this intoxicated trespassing vandal proceeded to go the window of the next house over and try to cut the screen open with his keys? What if he kept trying to pry the window open? What if you knew the only person on the lease of the suite from that house was a female?
Answer: attempted break and enter

What if this same intoxicated person left the yard and moved to the back yard of the property he was trying to get into? What if he wandered around the yard for a while? And, what if he finally got into his truck and drove off?
Answer: public intoxication, driving while under the influence

What if this same person came back, crashing his truck into the fence in the yard he drove into? What if he was still intoxicated? What if he decided to pass out in his truck to wait for the person who lived there to come home and open the door?
Answer: driving while under the influence, property damage, public intoxication

So, why are all of these things allowed to happen in the North End?
Regarding the Police:
Why did the Police on the phone tell me no crime was committed when I told her about the hedge, the trespassing, the attempted break and enter and the individual wondering in the back yard of the residence he tried to get into? Why did the person tell me they probably live there?
When the Police were later called after the intoxicated person came crashing back into the yard, why did the Police tell my husband there was nothing wrong with this intoxicated individual waiting in his truck to be let in because he told them he lived there?
Regarding the Landlord:
Isn't a landlord responsible for their tenants? And isn't it their responsibility to have their tenants control their guests, friends, or others they allow in and around their residence?

What is really going on here? This is not an issue about my garbage not getting picked up. And this is not an issue of neighbours not cutting their grass or maintaining the outside of their houses. This is an issue of upholding the laws and protecting citizens property and safety.
And while I am at it, what about the illegal dumping landlord that tried to run me down with his van and the Police said they were not going to write it up? I was told not to go down his lane anymore when he is around.
So, I ask you, what is really going on here?


  1. It's kind of obvious.

    You live in the North End and so you don't really count.

    You might want to ask Kevin L. what it all means, there is no point in asking anyone at city hall.


    The NDP and all their lighthouse programs and bragging about allthe cops they pay for and their court system -- YOU are paying the price everyday.

  3. What's going on? Our fine Police Chief has lost all semblence of control. They just don't want to admit it.
    They don't respond to written complaints, let alone an informal telephone call.
    "We" simply don't count, until we protect ourselves... then we get their full attention. "Stay inside, don't approach the individual, don't enter your own home if you think someone is inside, don't attempt to apprehend..."
    It's time.