Sunday, July 10, 2011

Male Attempting To Pry Window Open With Keys

I was sitting on my front steps this evening, minding my own business, when ......
An extremely intoxicated (Aboriginal in appearance) gentleman stumbled and pushed his way through the edge of my neighbours hedge. I could hear the branches breaking as he pushed further through the trees. He made his way into the neighbours yard. I got my husband, because I know this man is not welcome in the neighbours yard. We had a look, and saw the man approach a window in the next house over to the yard he just broke into. He was running his keys along the screen, trying to break the seal. Then he was attempting to pry the window open with his hands.
My husband entered the neighbours yard and calmly asked what this person was doing. He said he lived here. Then after a few more words, he wandered out of the yard. This time he used the gate. The gentleman went into the next yard over, the one with the house he attempted to break into, and into the back yard. He opened the door of his truck, one I have seen in that yard many times before. Then the intoxicated man wandered through the back yard for a few minutes more and left.
I called the police, because I did not believe this person lived in the house he was trying to break in to. And the way I see it, one enters a house through the door, using a key, not through a tiny window, six feet in the air. And one generally does not bust through the neighbours hedge and trespass in their yard to break the window of a house they are welcome in.
When I explained this all to the police, the non-emergency phone employee was a little confused why I would want an incident number. She said there was no crime. I was told he might live there.
Then I said this was the same man who left a few nights ago, after a large screaming match, and I was not sure if he was welcome at the location. I said he did not seem to have keys to enter the place and was trying to break in through a window. And I said, at the time, he was intoxicated and still in the back yard of the residence. Oh, ok, that could be looked into then, if he is still there and intoxicated.
But he left. So, I guess there was no crime committed.
I called the landlord to explain what had happened, and what could she do about it. She was willing to have someone come down as well to deal with an intoxicated person in the yard. But as for the behaviour of this person, not much could be done. I told her I was getting pretty tired of incidences at her rooming house, and again told she was trying her best. But I myself think she is not doing her best in screening these people before allowing them to move in.
Damaging property while trespassing into neighbours yards to break into windows isn't a concern to Police or Landlords.
Silly me, for thinking a crime was being committed. I forgot laws are different in this part of the City. I forgot people can break into friends houses. And I forgot the rest of us have to just put up with this crap.


  1. Keep on butting in Rae,it is the only way we can create regular community behaviour.
    We are regularly PITAs, asking people not to drink on the street, and not to have screaming matches in domestics on the street; keep your fights indoors we say usually we hear TMI and it is not entertaining.
    It is improving slowly, the streets where the agencies dump their high needs people do not help at all, MB Housing usually the worst tenants. Chris B.

  2. Honestly, they wonder why we give up. Try having that conversation with a resident of Tuxedo and see what happens. Are people on Wellington crescent allowed to try windows and it is not a crime? Let go down and see what happens if I run my key against someones screen on that street.

    It is slowly dawning on me that there are two sets of laws in this city. North end law and the rest of the place.

    I think you should call your MLA, your MP and your city counselor about that conversation. That is what a resident of Tuxedo would do when confronted with that kind of crap.