Thursday, July 14, 2011

Isn't It Garbage Day Today?

Today is Thursday. That means it is garbage day in my back lane. Thursday has been garbage day for me since I started this blog. But today, the garbage remains.
I was speaking with my City Councillor, Ross Eadie, earlier this week regarding other issues going on in my neighbourhood, when he mentioned to me that the company contracted to pick up our garbage (BFI) may not be doing such a good job of late. He mentioned that several people throughout the autobin areas have been calling in, saying their garbage has not been picked up. And he said something about BFI not being able to pick up the autobin garbage anymore. There was some mention of their trucks being broken.
Now, I do not know exactly what is going on. And I don't know if BFI has some trucks working, and others not working, or exactly what is going on regarding the functionality of the BFI fleet of garbage trucks. All I know is what I see.
When Councillor Eadie mentioned the issues with garbage, I thought, hmmm ..... that explains why my lane looks the way it does. The dumpsters are all overflowing, and almost every dumpster has a couch, chairs and/or mattresses in and around them. Dumpsters that are normally only half or a third full by garbage day are overflowing. And I don't actually remember seeing the dumpsters in my lane emptied last week. I do remember thinking they got full, or overfull very quickly. They were already overflowing by Friday night last week. But again, I was not present all day Thursday and Friday to verify for sure if they were emptied or not.
Then, there are the dumpsters in the surrounding lanes. They are not overflowing, or at least not all of the dumpsters are overflowing. Maybe one or two in each lane have an over abundance of garbage.
So, taking that all into account, I was not sure what was actually happening in my back lane and the back lanes of surrounding streets.
But today, the garbage remains.
Now, I am wondering how much truth there is to the talk of BFI not being able to pick up garbage from autobins.
Time will tell. But you bet you haven't heard the last of this one, if my garbage is not picked up soon.

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  1. Its insulting to the community, and the people that live around there. As the people I would demand justice from the council, but they don't seem to care much.

    -Land Source Container Service, Inc.