Thursday, July 14, 2011

BFI Removes Only Half The Garbage

The BFI garbage truck came down our back lane this afternoon. Actually, they arrived about half an hour after my last post. Maybe I jumped the gun a little on saying they may not be removing our garbage. Or am I?
I went into the back lane after the garbage truck had dropped by to remove our garbage. I could hear it as it made its way down the lane, coming to the dumpster behind my property. I saw the autobin raised up in the air, and contents spill into the huge BFI truck. Then the truck moved ahead, screeching and squeeling like a machine in pain. The truck proceeded to empty the dumpster two doors down from me, and drive on. I could hear the moans coming from the truck.
In recent weeks, on my walks down the back lanes, my husband and I have noticed huge puddles of fluid being extracted out of the BFI trucks as they lift the autobins and empty them, and then a few feet away, when the truck crushes its contents. Today was no different, in finding puddles of fluid on the ground.
In addition to the puddles of fluid from the BFI garbage truck, I also found dumpsters that remained full. It seems that only half of the autobins in my lane got emptied. The remainer are still sitting in the lane, overflowing like they have been for over a week.
So again I ask, what is going on?

Is BFI capable of fulfilling their contract with the City of Winnipeg in waste removal, or not?
The removal of garbage is a Health concern, and the removal of garbage must continue, in the North End and all other areas of the City.
And you can bet I will keep you posted.

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  1. We went 15 days on Magnus with only a few being emptied, there is trash now on the ground, broken bags and furniture everywhere, called 311 did a great job dropped off another bfi bin, now it's overflowing.