Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gang Wars Have Police Knocking On Doors

There is a war in our City between two rival motorcycle gangs. This has caused several fire bombing incidents and some drive by shootings to take place. So far, one innocent person has been shot, thankfully not killed.
The thing about this is that it is not happening in the North End, and it is not happening Downtown. It is happening in the suburbs. It is happening where most Winnipegers live and feel safe. Up until now, very little in the way of violent crimes have happened in these outlying areas. And since this gang war has started in the suburbs, the Police have taken serious actions. They are now going to visit homes and inform the residents that there are gang members living in their communities, according to a Free Press article today. Their belief is that people would be better able to protect themselves and help the police if they knew there was a potential danger near them. The police will not advise the residents who the danger is, or where they live. They can't. It is against the privacy laws, or some such thing. But they are taking the steps to inform their neighbours.
As a resident of the North End, I am a little confused by these actions. I am confused that they are happening in the suburbs. And I am confused that they have not happened in my community and on my street. Why have the police never dropped by my house to inform me of dangers in my neighbourhood, my community, and on my street?
The police are on my street almost every day. And they attend one particular house on a very, no sorry, extremely regular basis. When asking them what is going on, we get no answer. They cannot tell us. When wanting to know why there is police presence on my street to such an extent, we are not given an answer. And when asking a very specific question on a very specific youth that was caught with a duffle bag full of guns and ammunition last year, I was told it happened the next block over. I was told that by the Police. After speaking with a neighbour on the next block over, the reply was, oh no, no, no, that was your block. The neighbour saw the police in action during that incident. So why, when we do get information, it is incorrect information, and outright lies?
And why are the police giving information now? Why are the police visiting the suburbs to inform residents of gang affiliations? Is this a new tactic? Will this extend to the North End, Downtown, and West End as well? Is this a new strategy for the WPS city-wide? We want to start feeling safe too you know.
The North End is not entirely filled with thugs and gangsters, there are many law abiding citizens who choose to live here. We would like the same treatment by the Police as the suburbs seems to be getting now. Let us know what is going on, on our streets. We want to know.
If gang wars or gang problems are happening on our streets we want to know. If gang houses are on our streets we want to know. If gang members live on our streets we want to know. If gangs are storing guns on our streets we want to know. Just throw us a bone, would ya!


  1. Privacy laws were never enacted to protect our privacy. These laws are a tool for poorly run organizations like the City, Police, MB Health, WRHA and others, to hide their inefficiencies behind, and to never have to give account for anything to the public.

  2. privacy laws are a joke when the people themselves post massive personal accounts of themselves online for everyone to see. facebook: the anti privacy act