Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where The Heck Is "The Times"

Thursday has come and gone. That's the day we get The Times in our mailbox. That's the day our local newspaper arrives to our doors. But this week it never came.
I just found that local paper this morning. It was sitting in my dumpster along with a pile of other undelivered flyers. I guess I know why I never got The Times in the mailbox. It's because the flyers were delivered to the dumpster in my back lane. Maybe they got the address mixed up, and thought their job was to put the entire pile of flyers into a dumpster instead of giving them to people who may read them.
I have no photographic evidence of these flyers, as I don't really feel like getting my camera, running outside to take a photo of garbage, and coming back, unloading the image, resizing it, and filing it on my computer. I just want to say that the flyers and community newspaper were yet again delivered to my dumpster.
I guess good employees are hard to come by these days.
If those at Flyer Advantage are reading this, I have applied for the position of flyer delivery person in my area. I will actually deliver them to houses. I will put them in mail boxes, and not in the dumpsters behind the houses who are supposed to get these items of information that someone has paid for.
Just a heads up. If you want them actually delivered, call me.


  1. Maybe they read your blog about how bad your street is and don't want to come down it.

  2. I'm not sure I buy that explaination, they went down the back lane to get rid of the flyers.

  3. They dumped the flyers because they are too lazy to deliver them. They just want the cash without doing any work. Typical of this area.

  4. this is fairly common in all of winnipeg