Friday, September 9, 2011

The Power Went Out Last Night, Again!

The power went out last night. I was watching Craig Ferguson and next thing I know, we are in a black-out. It wasn't even raining. The black-out lasted a couple of hours.
This is the third time this summer that the power has gone out. Last night our entire street went dark, and the next street over as well. A week ago, early in the morning on Sept 1 the lights went out in the middle of the night and stayed out until 9am or 10am. But that was during a storm, and a big chunk of the North End was without power, including several traffic lights. Before that, the power went out during the evening, and affected only our street and the next street over again, just like last night. It was on one of those hot summer nights, when we had our air conditioners running. We were without power for about an hour that time.
Is this the new normal? Every week or two we lose power?
Give me a friggin' break. I pay my taxes, just make the electricity work. This isn't a third world state, it's Winnipeg.
Again, I just want the basics. Pick up my garbage, arrest the criminals, and provide basic water, sewer and hydro. And give me a friggin' break already.


  1. How odd. I experienced a power outage last night as well but for me it was only momentary. Backup power battery kicked in for 10 seconds then the main power was back. I wonder why it took longer for your area.

  2. The power was out on Magnus avenue last night too. It looked like it was a pretty large area. Weird. I hope the new power station that they are building on Burrows and Aikins takes care of this. Obviously not a moment too soon.

  3. The entire city had a couple of momentary brown outs.

  4. Its because a hydro blg was on fire downtown.

  5. This blog should change it's name to "...and you kids stay off my lawn!"

  6. ^^ *lol* @ last anonymous post Fantastic!