Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Not Working, The Neighbours Keep Talking

It's a beautiful day outside today. What a great end to a long weekend. My husband and I were doing a bit of tinkering in the yard, and tending to things that need to be done. We took a break and went over to the neighbours. We got to talking, and one thing led to another. Issues on the street came up. And issues facing the North End came up. My husband visited another neighbour and more issues were talked about.
Somebody, stop the madness. Stop talking about this. Nobody wants to hear it.
Nobody wants to hear anyone say "something has to be done". Nobody want to hear how frustrated you are. Nobody wants to hear how messed up things are.
Just stop talking about it.
Lets all drink lemonade, and have happy thoughts.
Lets pretend everything is fine.
Put on your blinders, stop looking, stop talking.
Nothing happens to people unless they are involved with gangs or drugs. Nothing will happen to you.
Just stop talking about it. Maybe it will go away.
If we all pretend it isn't happening, maybe it will go away.


  1. But that is all that you talk about all the time. It seems very stressful. Why don't you move to River Heights?

  2. Don't be silly, anonymous! Why would we want to pay those kind of taxes. And the neighbours have absolutely no sense of humour. I don't want to be reported to 311 for a single dandelion in my lawn. This would stress me out enormously.....