Saturday, September 10, 2011

15 Yr Old In Critical Condition After Stabbing

A 15 year old boy was stabbed this morning, and is in hospital in critical condition. Apparently he was out bicycling at 2:40am with another 15 year old. And some words were exchanged with a group of people, if I have my facts right. Then the group stabbed him in the upper body several times.
What I want to know is what were those two 15 year old boys doing bicycling down the street at 2:40 in the morning? And what were the other people doing out at that time of the morning? Shouldn't they be at home?
Maybe we need to set curfews on our young people to keep them from danger.
If people cannot make responsible decisions on their own, and their parents are not making responsible decisions, maybe the state needs to step in.
Maybe we need a curfew to keep the streets safe after dark. I'm just sayin'.

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