Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lets Get The Heck Out Of The North End

My husband and I went on a little adventure today. It was Saturday, and I wanted to do something outside of the North End. I haven't been to the Farmers Market out in St Norbert for years, ok, decades. I haven't been to the Farmers Market in St Norbert in decades. I thought it might be something fun to do. I have heard it is the best Farmers Market around.
We got up early. I made a nice Saturday breakfast of french toast. We ate. Then off we went on our adventure to the other side of town. As we approached the area I asked my husband if he remembered where the Farmers Market was. He said it wouldn't be hard to miss. Then I saw the line-up of cars on the street trying to turn left into a parking lot. And I saw the rows of cars parked all down the street. The lots next to the Market were charging $2.00 per car for parking. I kept driving. Side streets seemed to be lined with cars, and parking lots all seemed full. We finally found parking and hiked to the Market.
Boy that place was big. There were so many vendors, each selling their wares. And there was a variety in items being sold. There were pickles, canned items, and jam at some vendors. Others had several varieties of squashes, or carrots coming in three different colors. One vendor was doing henna tattoos. Baking was for sale from a variety of tables. Bison meat and free range chickens were also for sale.
But what I noticed the most about the Farmers Market was the price on everything. A loaf of bread was $3.75, a pumpkin pie was $7.00, a cookie was $2.00, corn was $.50 each. I thought Farmers Markets were supposed to be inexpensive places to buy vegetables and other wares. Maybe times have changed and I just haven't kept up with them. It looks like the Farmers Market is now a place where people of means go to have a nice country experience on a Saturday morning.
It was nice to go on an adventure today, but I guess I will just have to pick my vegetables from my own back yard garden. I have a Farmers Market at just the right price in my own back yard in the North End of Winnipeg.

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  1. You come across as quite rude in this post, I must say. St. Norbert is my neighbourhood and I love going to our farmers' market as much as possible.

    Are the prices more than what you would pay at a box grocer like Superstore? Well, yeah, of course! What did you expect? The quantity they can churn out is significantly higher than local farmers/vendors, that's why it's so cheap (and thus the quality is equally cheap).

    I'm sorry you think those of us who support our local merchants must be "people of means". I would beg to differ. I would rather use my money more wisley by supporting my local community and getting a quality product. People don't want to pay more for products made in Canada (or even locally as evidenced by this post of yours), yet bitch and complain about things being shoddily made in China or having food full of pesticides, hormones, etc. You can't have it both ways.

    Growing your own garden is a wonderful alternative and kudos to you for that! Perhaps next year you should start an initiative of growing a North End Community Garden. My garden didn't turn out this year so I am relying on my local farmers.