Thursday, September 1, 2011

Checking The Well-Being Of An Individual

I went out for coffee this morning. My power went out and I have yet to install a gas powered generator in my kitchen to take care of my coffee fix under these circumstances. So I had to walk to the local coffee shop.
I passed the bus stop on the way there. There were a few people standing around the bus shelter waiting to catch a bus, and two individuals inside the shelter as well. After a second look I noticed one person in the shelter was sitting on the bench, wrapped in a colorful blanket. And there was a second person lying on the cement floor of the shelter. The doorway was blocked by a shopping cart turned on its side.
As I walked past the scene I wondered for a minute who one calls for things such as this. The one person was awake, and the other I guess was still sleeping on the ground.
Then, when I came from the coffee shop I got my answer. The fire truck was just pulling up, and a crew of men, clad in blue gloves, came out to investigate the situation.
Then it hit me. They were there to check the "well-being" of the individual. I remember now. In listening to the police scanner there are several calls of this nature, checking the well-being, whether the individual is in a park, on a sidewalk, or anywhere else really. In this case, it was a bus shelter.
It rained last night, so I guess the two individuals found shelter in a dry place. And they were thoughtful enough to block the entrance to the shelter. They got a shopping cart, and turned it on its side, placing it in the doorway to make it difficult for anyone to enter their shelter from the storm.
But the more I think about it, the more I wonder what was really going on at that bus shelter. Only one of the individuals had a blanket, the one who was awake, the one sitting on the bench. The other person was lying on the ground. Did he fall from the bench? Was he sleeping? Did the two know each other?
I guess that is not for me to know. The fire department was on the scene, and they were checking the well-being of the individual. That's part of their day on the job.
As for me, I was going home to drink my coffee and get on with my day. I guess it is just another day in the hood.

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  1. Never thought North End was that bad. I used to shop a bit there. I started reading your website months ago and I know know what a lousy shythole it is. I'll stick to my part of the town, as I don't want to get shanked or jacked. Maybe the North End will all burn down and that will end the madness and bring you some peace.