Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fire Trucks On My Street Again Last Night

In the early morning sirens stopped down the street. The time was 2:30am. Several fire trucks pulled up in front of a house that had been set on fire in early June this year. It looks like it was set on fire again this morning.
A neighbour said the same house was on fire yesterday morning. Yesterday, the fire trucks arrived around 1:30am. I guess I slept through that one.
The house in question sits next to an empty lot, that had a house on it a few months ago. In May, the neighbouring house burned to the ground. Then only one week later this house was on fire, suffering several thousand dollars damage internally. Three other fires took place in that lane this spring.
A few weeks ago we had another fire on the street. A minivan was set on fire in a neighbours back yard. And on July 25 another neighbour had their dumpster set on fire.
We have a fire problem on our street. The one block that was on fire this morning has had seven fires since spring, three of which were to a single home.
I say that is seven fires too many for that block.
If you see a fire bug, report a fire bug, and put an end to this mayhem.


  1. Ok, I gotta ask. Why don't you get out of that neighbourhood?

  2. Would you like to purchase my house, and sell me one in a different, quieter, less firey part of town for the same price? Lets do a house swap.
    Maybe I could start a TV show called "House Swap In The Hood".