Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tin Foil And Sandwich Bags

I went to Dollarama yesterday with my husband. I needed to get a note pad, and pick up a few other things that are considerably cheaper there, than other stores in Winnipeg. It was the same Dollarama that was sited earlier this year for an over population of mice.
The store was busy when we were there, people crowding the isles, filling shopping carts with items.
While we were in the store we noticed two Youths making a purchase. They bought tin foil and sandwich bags. That was it, just tin foil and sandwich bags. I knew right away what the purchase was for. They were going to be dividing the 'product' and preparing it for sale. The Youth did not make any attempt to disguise their purchase by adding a couple of packs of pudding, or a chocolate bar. They just purchased what was needed to do the job.
Nothing in this neighbourhood is hidden. It is all out in the open, for all to see. And I see it. I see the drug transactions in the back lanes, the cabs moving people around, dropping them off and picking them up again, the ladies working in the back lanes and side streets. But what I want to know is, why is nothing being done about all these acts that are happening right in front of us? How can this continue to happen, day after day, and nothing is ever changed? I know, the kids were just buying supplies to wrap their sandwiches for school. "Nothin' Happenin' Here!!". But there is something happening, and it keeps happening.
More good people will leave the North End, and more criminal activity will happen. The North End will spread in every direction, and keep spreading. Drug houses are being found in all parts of the City. Cars are being stolen everywhere. We have had a murder this year in the South End. When will this end?
How bad does the North End, and the City have to get before this sort of action will be taken seriously, and stopped?
I see By-Law infractions everywhere in the North End, and garbage strewn in back lanes and streets. Yards are filled with garbage and unwanted furniture. Windows are broken on houses, and eaves falling off. We need a crackdown on By-Law infractions to start changing the look and feel of the North End. We need to hold renters, owners, and landlords accountable for their properties. Or we may as well just pack our bags and turn the City over to the criminals, because they have already taken over the North End.
Or at least that's the way I see it, day after day, in my part of the North End.

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  1. You are correct in your assumptions. Ignoring the obvious in the North End will lead to it's spread all over the city. As a person who is out walking his dogs regularly I am amazed to see people of all ages tossing trash from their cars. It shows a complete lack of respect for themselves, others & the city they live in.