Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Safety In A Rooming House

So, how safe is a rooming house. I mean, if you happen to live in a rooming house, how safe are you? And if you are living in close proximity to that same rooming house, should you be concerned?
I have a rooming house just a few doors down from me, and the large majority of tenants at that rooming house look, and likely are, sketchy. As soon as we manage to get rid of one problem tenant, they are quickly replaced by an equally, if not more, sketchy person. And the landlord moves these people in and out. I mean, the ones that are evicted are being moved out, and driven with their posessions, to their next residence. The sketchy replacements are seen unloading their household goods from the same, landlord owned, truck. So, what is really going on?
I have been witness to the one good tenant being attacked, and threatened with death by a fellow tenant. The attacker was arrested and taken away. I have seen suspicious activities involving duffle bags coming and going from the location. I have seen the sheriffs awaiting the return of a tenant to serve eviction notices.
Just last week the police were banging on the door of the rooming house looking for one of the tenants. Now I hear they are looking for this person in connection to a possible homicide; possible homicide of a missing tenant.
Then just a few days ago the landlord was moving more furniture out and driving someone away. Was the possible homicide suspect being moved out? Was it just his stuff? Or what was really going on?
When I report these incidents to the Police, I have no evidence, nothing is really being seen, anything could really be going on, I am not really providing information of value to anyone who really cares. I am just Gladys Kravitz, poking my nose out the window, being too nosey.
I know we have the safe communities act, and this can come into effect if there is something illegal or dangerous going on at a residence. But these people are moved too often to get anything on them, and new criminals are moved in. I often wonder if the landlord knows what is going on, and is moving them to another of their rooming houses in the city, circulating the ring of criminals. But that is just me being paranoid. Although, how many times has a landlord moved you in or out of a residence? And how many landlords do you know who will move someone out after evicting them?
But the circus goes on, furniture comes and furniture goes, new players are moved in and out as quickly as a ringmaster can call the next act into the ring.

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