Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Illegal Garbage Dumping Season - Rules

As a reminder to all, this is what's required when reporting those dumping garbage in our back lanes illegally, as per Peter DeGraff (City By-Laws):

With respect to illegal dumping, CBES needs the following evidence in
order to proceed with enforcement activities:

-a witness statement
-vehicle plate number
-vehicle description
-description of the individual

Pictures of the above would enhance the investigation.

Yours truly,

Peter de Graaf
Manager of Community By-law Enforcement Services
City of Winnipeg
Community Services Department

Send the information to 311, and ask to be kept informed. Get a reference number for the incident. Keep a log. Follow up, and demand prosecution. Push the City to do their jobs.

I had a photo of the individual, photo of the truck and license plate, and photo of items dumped. I spoke with the individual and educated them that they were engaged in illegal activity and advised them that they would be fined if they did not remove the items.

It is illegal to dump construction material, and it is illegal to dump where you do not live. Ensure they are committing a crime, document it, and report it.

Happy hunting all  :)

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