Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Circus Updates, I Can Hardly Keep Up

I was getting ready to go on a short trip this morning, loading the cooler into the van, when I could swear I heard someone screaming. It sounded like a loud scream coming from a male, but I couldn't say anything more than that. It was just a scream, in the distance, or not so far distance, but just a scream.
I went back into the house to get the rest of my stuff, and of course my husband. Then, we saw one of our neighbours on his way to the store. We stopped on the sidewalk to chat for a bit, and catch up on the goings on of the circus, since last we chatted.
As we were standing on the sidewalk, a police car went by. Then a van went racing past, followed by the police car again. Shortly after the police car drove by in fast, slow, gerky motions, it stopped. Then a male came running out of the yard across the street from us. He jumped the chain link fence like a rabbit, and ran down the street a few houses, and cut through the yard of the rooming house. It's funny how the criminals know which houses have fences and which ones give a clear path through. I guess he abandoned the vehicle he was in to take off on foot between houses. No helicopter in the air at 10am on a Tuesday morning, and police cannot keep up on a foot chase, and cruisers don't do well through yards.
We provided a bit of information to the officer, letting him know which yard the guy went through. Then we finnished our conversation with the neighbour, and left for the day.
Now, we just got home, and my husband went out back to put the recycling out. We figure tomorrow is recycling day, and want to get the blue boxes emptied this week. When my husband was in the lane, another neighbour was out back, removing ice from the lane with a shovel. They got together to have a chat, and catch up on news of the day.
While the guys were in the lane, the new neighbour from the infill house went into the lane and dumped a couple of tool boxes into the dumpster. The guys looked over to see what was going on, as people do. They young neighbour looked over and said "you got a staring problem?". Our neighbour asked what his problem was and was answered with "I'll give you a problem, bring it on". The young guy seemed to want a fight and began swearing and threatening the guys. Then he finally left and went back into his house.
While my husband was chatting with our neighbour, he mentioned the incident this morning, and our neighbour said he caught part of it as well. Apparently after we left this morning, more police showed up. I guess they really wanted the guy. Not sure what it was all about though. Doubt it will hit the news or the police releases.
Even while I am typing this, that kid came back into the lane to threaten the neighbour one more time. Hope that stupidity doesn't escalate. New neighbour, landlord said they work, and feels they should be no problem. He claims he only rents to quality people. Wish I had his phone number.
Just another day in the hood. Non-stop circus action, and six more hours left in this day.
Anyone want to buy a duplex?

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  1. The culture in the North end is too much for me.