Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rotten Apples in the neighbourhood

While doing my daily dumpster check I couldn't help but notice the apples in one of the yards. I guess there is an apple tree at the party duplex. Apples have been falling from the tree and are left on the ground to rot. This is causing odor in the back lane. It is also luring wasps to the area.

The people who own their homes on the block are great. They take care of their houses. They take care of their yards. They are respectful of others when it comes to noise control, parties, and being neighbours. Its the ones that are renting who do not seem to have the respect for their property and the property they rent from others. They have no thought for people around them.
So, this is another thing that must be dealt with by someone other than the habitants of this dwelling.

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