Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bad Apples in the Alley

I opened the back gate to check on the dumpsters in my back lane tonight and all I saw on the ground was rotten apples. The lane was filled with rotten apples. I looked over toward the house where I knew the apples came from and three kids were standing in the lane. One of them was throwing apples.
I went back into the house and told my husband that the kids were out in the lane throwing the rotten apples down the lane. I said the lane was filled with rotten apples.
We both went out to the back lane and approached the kids. My husband told them to stop throwing the apples. I told the kids to pick up the apples and put them in the dumpster. I said they should have more respect for where they live. I told them that it was not right to be throwing the apples in the lane.
Well, the mom of one of the kids came out of the party duplex. She was screaming mad. She started yelling and swearing at us, asking if we were swearing at her kids. She was swearing at us telling us we better not be swearing at her kids. I said that I told the kids to pick up the apples they threw in the back lane and put them in the dumpsters. Her response was that the kids could do what they want. She said "this is the North End, what do you expect". My husband said he "expects neighbours to treat the neighbourhood with respect". She said "it is not her area anyway".  She yelled for a bit longer before we went our seperate ways.
After that bizarre introduction to my back lane tonight I proceeded to take pictures of the overflowing dumpsters. Here it is, my favorite dumpster of the week. The diaper box is still balancing mysteriously on top. No garbage fairies visited last night. Here's hoping they will come tonight.
Later in the day the kids started attacking one of the houses in the neighbourhood. The house is under construction and currently empty. The kids were banging the side of the house with a metal pole and destroying some of the wiring on the outside of the house. Luckily none of the windows were broken. That is mostly because the lower windows are all boarded up currently. As I was checking the house to see what damage they did, I looked over to the party duplex and saw garbage being thrown out of the upstairs window. I guess that is their garbage disposal system. And that would explain why the back yard looks like a dump site.
Thats it for now.

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