Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dumpster Check Aug 24

You thought the dumpster was full yesterday. I guess it is more full today. This is a dumpster that should have been emptied on the last garbage day. It does not look like a dumpster that was just emptied. Again the garbage men chose to empty only some of the dumpsters in my back lane when they visited.
We have a garbage day. The person I talked to at 311 that day told me that we have a garbage day. She said it was garbage day 4. Initially when she told me, I laughed. I said "you've got to be kidding". I said there is nothing scheduled about the comings and goings of the garbage trucks in this area. They show up when they feel like it, and pick and choose the dumpsters they are going to empty.
But after the call I placed to 311 in June, it seemed that the garbage trucks were coming more regularly. They seemed to be coming weekly, not on garbage day 4, but weekly. So, I have now come to expect the dumpsters to be taken care of, and taken care of on a weekly basis.
Mostly they have been, but not all of the dumpsters are taken care of all of the time. The dumpsters on the west side of the lane are full, and overfull. Each day more garbage gets stacked on top of the dumpsters.
I am sure the garbage people came on Wednesday to empty my dumpster and a few other dumpsters in my lane. I remember Thursday, when the guys were dumping their construction material in my dumpster, that it was close to empty. Monday was garbage day 4, but what can you do. I have requested that these two dumpsters be emptied the next time the garbage trucks are down my lane. One can only hope.
Tomorrow is Wednesday. Maybe the magic garbage fairies will come in the night.

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