Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Dumpsters Got Emptied - Well Mostly

The dumpster fairies arrived early this afternoon. I could hear them coming down the lane.
One cannot mistake the sound of metal grinding and shaking as the truck grabs hold of the dumpster, lifts it in the air, and pours its contents into the back of the truck. Then there is the sound of the truck mechanism pushing the freshly consumed garbage into the back of the vehicle. The mechanical grinding sound of pushing the garbage as far as it can in the truck, then grinding back to accept another load.
I was so excited. I rushed out to make sure it was truely in my back alley, and not the hopeful echoing sound from someone elses lucky alley. Sure enough, there it was, in all its glory.
I waited patiently. I knew it would come and pick up the smelly, stinking, insect luring garbage from the dumpster just the other side of my fence. Soon I would be able to go in my back yard and not smell the aroma of rotting garbage. I watched from over the fence as the truck grabbed hold of my dumpster. I watched as my dumpster was raised up in the air.
I watched as the door in my dumpster rammed up against the great mechanism that lifts the garbage into the truck.
The truck lowered my dumpster. It lowered the dumpster with the door still in it. It lowered the dumpster with the smelling garbage still in it. The garbage person came out of the truck and tried to manouver the heavy door, but to no avail.
They moved on. The garbage person got back into the truck and moved on.
The dumpster with the mattresses was next. It got emptied. The mattresses remain of course. They must wait for the special truck to arrive and pick them up. They must wait until the special "ticket" gets processed before they get hauled away.
The truck moved slowly down the lane, grinding and churning, turning the stinking, smelling garbage into a compact and controllable substance to be dumped in dumpster fairy land.

The truck removed the garbage from the dumpster stacked high with TV parts and the huge diaper box that balanced above it. Of course the TV parts on the ground are still in place. Again, they are waiting for their special "ticket" to be processed and a specific truck come out and clean that mess up.
The dumpster at the end of the street was emptied. Well, that is the dumpster on the right side of the lane got emptied.
The two, now overflowing dumpsters on the left side could not be emptied. The truck only works from one side.
When I went out into the back lane to check and make sure all of the dumpsters were taken care of I saw a group of individuals cutting the grass in the empty lot that houses the two dumpsters that reside on the left side of the lane. I am not really sure why they are on the left side of the lane, but they are. I saw one of the workers pick up the garbage that surrounded the dumpster and place it in the dumpster. I saw a few workers cutting the grass in the empty lot. I also saw that the dumpster is now overflowing with grass and weed debris. It seems to be overflowing with garbage, more than it was yesterday. I think it was great that these individuals came out to clean the yard, cut the grass, and pick up the debris. I also think it was great that they placed all of these said items in a dumpster. But they put them in the dumpster to the point that it was overflowing. It was overflowing in a major way. The garbage and debris they so carefully balanced on top of the dumpster is going to be back on the ground soon.
The dumpsters on the left side of the lane are now way past full. I really don't know when or if they actually get emptied. How much of this garbage is going to stay in the dumpster? How much of it will be spread around the dumpster? How much will be sent through the neighbourhood by wind, animals, or other transport methods?
I remember a garbage day when I would put my few bags of garbage out on the curb the night before, and the garbage truck would come early in the morning and pick up the garbage. What happened to those days?

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  1. Great blog! Im a resident of Boyd and I see this stuff all the time too. The one issue with the mattresses not being collected is that they need to be as close to the property line as possible, and the crews may think its on private rpoperty. I have the same issue with a vacant lot next to my property having large items thrown into it and if they are too far back they may not collect them. I know its frustrating, but if we keep at it, eventually it will get better. Kudos on your help with the North End!
    Just to let you know too, if you live in St Johns we regularily hold St Johns Residents Meetings. You might wanna come out!