Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dumpster Fires Galore

I just got back into town from a day trip to Dryden, Ontario.
As we were driving back home, we passed two police cars stopped at a scene on Talbot, and another cruiser coming over the Redwood Bridge. The icing on the cake was seeing another police car at the corner of our street as we were arriving home.
It turns out that they were looking for a few suspects setting garbage bins on fire. Apparently someone has been setting a rash of dumpsters on fire in the area. The police made a comment that these fires are 'out of control'. What the heck is happening.
When we were in Dryden today, we were talking to one of the locals there. He said he reads the Winnipeg Free Press, and commented about all the stabbings. He said it sounded like we had 10 stabbings a day here. I guess we are not the only people in this country who think Winnipeg is out of control. Someone 400 km to the east of us thinks Winnipeg has just gone crazy.
So, what I want to know is, when will the government catch on that things are out of control. When will the government take action to fix these issues and restore our city to a state of reasonable peace. Selinger seems so clueless that he decided to catch a photo op with local gangsters, the Heatbag Records guys. We don't need clueless politicians. We need ones who can recognize serious issues and make real plans to resolve them.

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