Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two More Stabbings Just Around The Corner

We had a police presence in the area yesterday. Well actually we had two police scenes yesterday. On one street there were about four police cars, one ambulance and a fire truck. One neighbour said he thought he saw a guy with what looked like stab wounds on his body, with no shirt on. Great! That's what we need, more stabbings.
Then just around the corner from that scene a couple of police cars and an ambulance pulled up. Apparently another person had cuts or stab wounds.
The police supervisor vehicle pulled up to one scene, then left and went to the other.
Wasn't it just a few days ago when a kid was stabbed down the street. Yes, it was.
Everyone we talk to is just so sick of this. They are sick of the crime, sick of the stabbings, sick of the sirens, and sick of the police presence.
We don't live in the States, where violence is the norm. We don't live in South Central L.A. or Detroit. We live in Canada, and we live in Winnipeg. And we are just so sick of living like this. Somebody please, please fix this. I don't even want to think about what may happen if it gets worse than it is now. Somebody has to do something, now.


  1. Ignorance is no longer bliss in these times.... Living in the North End is a choice... understand the risks and be prepared!

  2. People have problems that cannot be fixed. Sometimes you have to put up with the sad and aweful things of life. I watch the news every night and can't believe the horror of some peoples lives. Pestilence, war and famine. And we have a bunch of idiots that fight over drug turf. I am beginning to have that aweful thought that nature has a way of thinning the herd. I find it sad when they get stabbed but I am not really surprised. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Anonymous - there is a difference between "ignorance" and "just sick of the bullshit". I don't think the majority of people living in the North End are ignorant of what is going on, but we sure are getting sick and tired of the quantity of what is going on, and how nothing is being done to fix the ongoing issues.

  4. One night this week, there were SIX stabbings, the assaults were done by two teens 14 and 16, What's the bet they were FASD kids,many don't understand consequences, many act impulsively, they are kids who have been changed in utero by alcohol their mothers drank during pregnancy. It is not getting better it is an epidemic with horrible consequences for the children and society. Chrows 25