Monday, September 26, 2011

Shot In The Head Several Times

Homicide #32 has been registered in the City, and it has happened in my neighbourhood.
The news reporter just said "shot in the head several times". Oh my God. What is going on here. What the heck. The person was found lying on the ground, and someone called the police to check on the "well-being of the individual".
What is going on in this city? And what is being done to fix these issues?
What are the politicians promising about crime, and what do they actually know about it?
Selinger did a photo op with known gangsters from Heatbag Records. That is not showing any form of crime awareness. He seems more interested in photo ops than he does in identifying criminals, nevermind correcting the issues with crime in this City.
I think we need to have someone running this province who is a little more aware of their surroundings than Mr. Selinger.
I am damned sick of watching the homicide numbers going higher and higher every few days. We are averaging just shy of a homicide a week, and that is just not acceptable. It is not acceptable for me, and I highly doubt that it is acceptable to you.
Demand change, and demand it now.

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