Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Thought It Was Garbage Day In My Back Lane

Today is Thursday. That means it is garbage day in my back lane. I usually hear the truck early in the morning, but not today. Then late this afternoon I heard that familiar sound of the garbage truck in the lane struggling to pick up the dumpsters, one by one, emptying them.
I thought nothing more of it for a few hours. Then, after supper I decided to take a look in the lane and see what condition the dumpsters were in, checking on the job the BFI guys did removing items.
Well, I guess I was wrong in thinking they took the garbage. What actually happened was they emptied two dumpsters in the lane. The other seven dumpsters were still full, and all the bulk items dumped in the lane beside and around those dumpsters was there as well. I can only hope the dumpsters are emptied tomorrow.
Now, I don't know who dumped all this garbage in the lane. I am not sure who put all the mattresses against the dumpsters. I can't tell you who cut their trees and filled that one dumpster. I have no idea who filled the shopping cart with garbage and pushed it over beside the dumpster. But I know the garbage in the dumpsters is not all residential garbage. And I highly doubt that all this garbage came from the residents of my back lane. I just want the dumpsters in my lane emptied, so I can throw my garbage out. I don't think that is too much to ask. And in light of all the arsons, must I really say this, I think it might be prudent to have the BFI guys drop by at their earliest convenience and get this garbage.
In other parts of the City it seems to be the thing to do. Removing the garbage cuts down on the chances of fires. Come take away my combustibles, please. I shouldn't have to beg.

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  1. Odd the route that perhaps it was taking since a few got emptied on your lane, however behind everyone's favourite derelict houses (our matched set of still half-boarded beauties) the truck broke down. A little BFI cube truck came and they fiddled around for quite a while and then it limped off into the sunset. Ok, the sunset might be poetic license.