Saturday, August 13, 2011

BFI Works On Saturday?

I heard a noise in the lane this morning. It sounded like a vehicle struggling with a steering fluid issue, and it seemed to go on for quite some time. I cannot really say what the noise actually was, but I know it was coming from the lane.
By the time I got the interest to go into my back lane today, it was around noon. And when I arrived, I saw the mattress by the full dumpster was gone, and so was all the garbage on the ground around it. The big screen TV was taken away as well, along with the kiddy pool leaning up against it, that arrived last night. And the two mattresses were taken out of the other dumpster.
There was fresh steering fluid on the ground, in that all too familiar pattern. So, I am pretty sure that noise I heard in the back lane earlier was from the garbage truck.
A few things surprised me about todays events, though. First, that a BFI truck dropped by on a Saturday. And second, that the loose bags and boxes beside the dumpster were picked up and taken away along with the mattresses. I guess I will have to say "Thank You" to BFI for taking care of these items today.
The full dumpster, that did not get emptied on Friday, is still filled to the top. I am hoping it is emptied prior to this next garbage day, as I did submit a request for an overfilled dumpster to be emptied already. Time will tell on that one. And three other dumpsters are well on their way to being full. As folks around town do yard work and home renovations this weekend, I am sure the dumpsters will become even more full of unwanted materials in the days to come. I will have to keep an eye on the lane, and submit my requests to 311 for dumpsters to be emptied and unwanted garbage to be removed.
As our Chief of Police said, in relation to the rash of fires that have hit Winnipeg in these past few months, something has to be done about the policies of Waste Management. I would have to agree with that. I should not have to be this vigilant in my back lane, just to make sure I am able to take my garbage out and have it removed from the lane. And there should not be this much garbage appearing in my lane. These dumpsters are for residential garbage. Not for mattresses, or big screen tvs, or lawn care business refuse, or construction materials. These dumpsters are not here for landlords to empty their properies, and they are not here for tenants to dispose of great piles of unwanted materials.
The sign on the dumpster says, or it would if it was not burnt off, "if you cannot bag it or tie it, you cannot toss it".
Take your unwanted TV's, couches, mattresses, construction materials and yard waste to Brady Landfill, where it belongs. And stop adding fuel to the all too many fires in the back lanes of Winnipeg.

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