Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glossary Of North End Euphemisms

Here are some saying we have in the North End, that I have not heard in other parts of the city:
  • Sometimes you see a person pushing a shopping cart down the street or sidewalk. On top of the shopping cart is a TV, or sofa chair. That's what you call a North End Moving Company. The best was when my husband saw four shopping carts duct taped together, with a couch, microwave, and a bunch of cloths.
  • I see people piggy backing on bicycles a lot. One person is sitting on the bicycle seat and the second is on the handlebars. That's a North End Taxi. The other day I saw a third person on the back, standing on the axles of the back wheel.
  • The North End Doorbell is rung when someone stops on the street in front of a house and yells to their friend. This can continue for quite a long time before they are either let in, or finally leave. Last week the pizza delivery guy was ringing the North End Doorbell, yelling "pizza ..... pizza .... hello ...... pizza". He never did knock on the door. Finally they answered, and got their pizza.
  • When a dumpster is torched and the Fire Department comes out to put the fire out, the dumpster gets filled with water. That's the North End Jacuzzi.
  • A neighbour who works at a daycare in the area said the sirens are the North End Lullaby. They all joke about the North End Lullaby at the daycare. She said the kids can't sleep without it, the sirens lull the babies to sleep. That's how accustomed to the sirens the North End babies are.
If you know of some others, let me know. They are meant to be in jest, so remember, keep it light.

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