Friday, April 1, 2011

The Illegal Dumping Of Furniture

I was looking out my window just now, and saw a white half ton truck stop in front of the dumpster behind my house. There was a couch and chair in the back of the truck. And there was a guy standing in the back of the truck as it pulled up. The guy dumped the chair in my dumpster, then the truck drove on to the next dumpster to get rid of the next piece of furniture. When I got into the back lane, of course the culprits were nowhere to be found, but three dumpsters are now full as a result of this incident. The dumpster on one side of me is filled with cushions, mine has a chair, and the next dumpster has a couch sticking out of it.
What kind of bull shit is this!
Who do these people think they are, that they can drive into the North End and get rid of their unwanted items by dumping them into our dumpsters. It is illegal to put these large items in the dumpsters, and it is illegal for people outside of the area of these three dumpsters to get rid of their garbage here. The dumpsters are for use by the residents, and for residential garbage only. Until people are fined, or even told that this is an illegal act, it will keep happening.
As far as my back lane goes now, garbage day was yesterday, and there are three dumpsters that do not have room to take in the refuse of half of my street for the next week. Garbage will be stacked on top of these large items, then spilled into the lane. And the residents of my back lane have to clean up the mess resulting from the guys in the white truck, who think they have every right to dump their junk in my lane.
The City needs to educate people about these illegal actions. And the media could take this on as well, as a project. Something has to be done, because it is Spring now, and illegal dumping is back in play.


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  2. Word that yo. You need someone like to remove that couch for $39.

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