Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's With All The Sirens

Yesterday afternoon there seemed to be a higher than usual amount of sirens going by. Then last night the sirens went all night long. And the helicopter was in the air at 4:00am.
So, what was up yesterday? And what's with all the sirens? And why didn't any of the happenings make the news? Not a single thing was said in the media about the North End.


  1. A number of weeks back there was a big commotion on Simcoe near Portage... people evacuated from their homes, 14 cruiser cars, a plethora of people herded out of a place, the big bus parked outside (you know the one from the fire department's emergency response unit). Nothing on the news. I guess they don't have the scanner on. maybe they're tired or reporting on the "bad news" stories?

  2. It goes further than Media not having their scanners on, or not wanting to report on "bad news". I get the Police reports in my email, and not a single instance has been advertised by the police as having happened. Sirens all day and all night and not a single tidbit of information coming from the Police.