Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Private Matter

The police were on the street again last night. They were at one of the "usual suspects" houses. I know the houses. I know where the police visit. But as a neighbour and home owner, I do not know why the police visit.
I do not know why the street was blocked off by a police car. I do not know why the police were knocking on the door of the rooming house at 12:30am. And I do not know how the issues may affect me. All I know is that there were police on the street.
During this time a few taxi cabs passed by. One had dropped someone off, and circled the block to pick them up again. Nothin' happen' there (wink, wink).
Finally, the police left, on their own. They got in their car and drove away.
And as residents of the street, we were left wondering what the night had in store.
It's just another day (or should I say night) in the Hood.

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