Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

I resolve to continue working with the Waste Management Department in ensuring bulk garbage is picked up in a timely manor in the North End of Winnipeg, and any other area where it is considered a fire hazzard.

I resolve to continue working with the Community By-Laws Department to ensure the By-Laws are properly upheld with regards to Illegal Dumpers of Garbage and Construction Materials, and for that matter, any other By-Law that affects my neighbourhood.

I resolve to continue educating myself on the working of City Hall and Winnipeg Municipal Government.

I resolve to seek out like minded residents of the North End who are already working at making our City a better place, as well as others who would like to start making a difference, to share successful strategies.

I resolve to continue seeking out and working with like minded Community Organizations in the North End in an effort to make my neighborhood a better and safer place.


  1. have you thought of putting street address's on the dumpsters around ur area? we did this in North point douglas has helped like crazy. speaking of witch gotta do some tuch ups on the ones here :)

  2. 1ajs, thanks for the comment. This was mentioned a few months ago as well in my blog, and I took a look at the address markings on the dumpsters in Point Douglas. The issue was discussed in my area, and it was determined that residences are required, by Winnipeg By-Laws, to have their addresses posted in the back lanes. If we correct the issue in this manor we are able to fix a By-Law infraction and provide better identification for issues at all residences in the back lanes, and it becomes a more permanent fix to the issue. This is on my Spring 2011 list of things to do.