Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday is Garbage Day, Even After Christmas

It was garbage day in my back lane today. The Christmas Holidays have not affected the weekly removal of trash from my dumpster. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
I had noticed a few of the dumpsters were overfull in the past few days, with the remains of presents and wrappings, and was curious how the lane faired after the garbage truck emptied the dumpsters. So, I took my first walk down my lane since Christmas.
What I noticed most along my walk today were the number of black garbage bags lining the lane. Most of them were deposited beside recycling boxes. I found it odd, because I normally do not see garbage bags on my walks at all, not even in the dumpsters. Most people in the area just dump garbage in the dumpsters. Some of the garbage is contained in small plastic grocery bags, but very rarely is there a large black garbage bag. In my experience, the black garbage bags are a sign of someone dumping garbage from outside the neighbourhood.
I found myself wondering where these newly deposited garbage bags came from? Did my neighbours purchase garbage bags for the Christmas holidays? Were they preparing for the extra trash they would have during these days? Or did the bags come from somewhere else. It wasn't only the presence of so many black garbage bags that was so odd, but their locations as well. These garbage bags were not piled next to dumpsters. They were up against fences, meters away from the nearest dumpster. And they were next to recycling boxes. Are the garbage bags filled with recycling, resting in the lane in hopes that they would be taken by the recycling truck to be sorted and turned into lawn furniture? Or maybe, like always, the black garbage bags came from outside the neighbourhood. I cannot say how many garbage bags were in the lane before the garbage truck arrived this morning, as I had not done a back lane walk for a while. But there is definitely a presence of black garbage bags in the lane now.

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