Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Spent Away

My husband and I were asked to house sit for family this Christmas. When we were first asked, I looked forward to the idea of getting out of the North End for a week. I looked forward to the peace and quiet of country living. There would be no sirens, no traffic, no noise coming from the neighbours. We could spend some quality time in the country, enjoying the lack of drama of the North End.
During the week of house sitting, we dropped in to the North End every few days to check on our own home. We made sure the walk was shovelled, and mail was brought in. I took quick trips to the back lane as well, making sure all was well. It felt good to drive down my street and park among the familiar cars, and walk down my familiar street, and up my sidewalk to my house. Any time I have gone away on a holiday, it has always felt good to come home, and these short trips into town were no different.
Then back to our temporary home, on the outskirts of town, we would go. Back to the quiet and serenity of the country.
I found myself missing my routine of walks down the back lanes, and missing the familiar noises of the neighbourhood. As crazy as my street gets from time to time, it is still my home. And I missed it.
As much as we love to hate Winnipeg, we love to come home to it as well.
Here is a link to Youtube - Weakerthans - One Great City (I hate Winnipeg)


  1. Yes! Once you have lived in the North End particularly the inner city it really gets under your skin...and not like bed bugs... I know more of my neighbours in Point Douglas after 4years than after 16 years in Crescentwood.

  2. Agreed Crows25. I was in Crescentwood for 17 years and had the goofiest neighbours. Unfriendly, ignorant people. In the West End I have had the best "red neck" neighbours a body could ask for. We look out for one another, say hello every time, shovel each others walks... People in the inner city are better neighbours.