Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sanitizing - Or Not - Of 5400 Autobins

As you may know, I wanted to know if the dumpsters in my back lane, and the back lanes of the North End ever get cleaned out or sanitized. I had been told by someone that they are cleaned and it is in the contract with Waste Management to do the cleaning.
Well, I did get an answer by way of e-mail regarding the cleaning of the 5400 Autobins in the City of Winnipeg. Apparently very few of them have been cleaned. Apparently the large majority of the Autobins in the City of Winnipeg do not warrant cleaning as they are not dirty. Apparently the only ones that are really dirty and in need of a cleaning are the ones that have dead animals in them.
Hello xxx
The AutoBins are sanitized when requested by a resident or when we we have removed something particularily odiferous (like an animal). There has never been a schedule to sanitize all 5400 bins and the vast majority have never been cleaned as they don't smell.

We really enjoy your blog as we share many of the same feelings about AutoBins that you do.

Keep up the good work!

Darryl Drohomerski
Manager of Solid Waste Services

I think I am going to invite Darryl to my back lane next July. It will have to be on garbage day, so the dumpster is empty, or at least empty of the items that are not glued to the bottom of the dumpster. I personally have been in my back lane after the dumpsters have been empty, and I have smelled the dumpsters when they have been empty. I would not describe any of the empty dumpsters in my back lane as "they don't smell".
Do you remember the photo I took of the scrapper who dove head first into the dumpster? The photo shows feet sticking out of a dumpsters. Look at the bottom of the dumpster ....... Look at the feet sticking out of the dumpster ....... Disgusting rotting gunk stuck to the dumpster ..... Head very close to the disgusting gunk ..... Eewww !!!
Ok, on a lighter note, I found an art installation while checking the back lane today. Check this out. I sent a request to have it taken care of by 311. Which department do you think will take care of this one? Will they send it to the Art Gallery?

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  1. "...the vast majority have never been cleaned as they don't smell." So there you have it... there's no problem, so there's nothing to fix. They don't stink.
    You should probably thank him for letting you know.
    Personally, I've never been around one in the summer that didn't stink, but maybe he's around garbage more than me, and his olefactory gland isn't working properly anymore.